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The Korin Kimono features a design by Ogata Korin.
Now, after 300 years, the garment is in need of restoration.
With your support, we will ensure this valuable cultural property is passed down to future generations.
Thank you for participating in the Korin Kimono Restoration Project.


Thank you for helping us restore the Korin Kimono!
Thanks to your generous donations, the Korin Kimono Restoration Project has reached its 15 million yen target. We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who supported our project and to all our corporate sponsors.
Thanks to you, the restoration work has now begun. We will endeavor to keep updated about the process from here on too.


Project Outline

The Korin Kimono features a design of autumm grasses and flowers by the renowned Japanese artist Ogata Korin.
The Korin Kimono Restoration Project is undertaken by Tokyo National Museum and the National Center for the Promotion of Cultural Properties(hereinafter referred to as TNM and CPCP) with support from all your donations. TNM and CPCP aim to provide everyone with opportunities to encounter cultural properties. We also strive to build a society where many people can participate in activities aimed at passing these treasures of humanity down to future generations. This project forms part of this mission to mobilize the strength of individuals, companies and organizations to ensure our precious cultural heritage will be transmitted to the future.

Total raised  16.4 million yen

Fund-raising target  15 million yen

*Donations will be used to fund restoration expenses and the running costs of the project.
*If donations exceed our target, the additional funds will be used to cover the cost of restoring other cultural properties in Tokyo National Museum's collection.

Fund-raising period  January 2020 – June 2022 The end of  2021
*The restoration will be completed by the end of 2022 the end of March 2023.


Frequently Asked Questions/Inquiries

What Kōrin Kimono Restoration Project events will be held?

Details of various events are listed on our ‘Event Information’ page. We look forward to your participation.

Until when will you be accepting donations?

We plan to solicit donations from January 2020 to June 2022.
We will continue to receive donations until the end of 2021. Any change of details will be listed on our website.

How will you use the donations?

They will be used to cover the project’s restoration costs and operational expenses.
*Thanks to your generosity, we have managed to beat our target of 15 million yen.
Any additional funds will contribute to the cost of restoring other cultural properties in the Tokyo National Museum's collection.

Will the garment be exhibited after the restoration?

We plan to exhibit the kimono from 2023 onwards. The finalized details will be posted our website.

How can I donate to the Kōrin Kimono Restoration Project?

Please donate on the Donation Portal Site.

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Donation box is also installed next to Room 11 of the Japanese Gallery (Honkan) at the Tokyo National Museum.