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Cultural Property Conservation

A limited number of organizations in Japan are able to conduct research on museum storage environments. Despite their best efforts, museums often lack the personnel and budgetary resources to achieve the necessary internal control systems.
To improve museum exhibition and collection environments, the National Center for the Promotion of Cultural Properties offers consultations and advising regarding exhibition rooms, display cases, storage rooms, and other matters related to storage environments. The CPCP is able to loan out equipment and conduct on-site inspections and surveys for these purposes.

In particular, the CPCP conducts storage environment surveys at museums that are planning to borrow national treasures or important cultural properties from their owners or designated management organizations and exhibit them. These surveys are conducted when the Agency for Cultural Affairs deems them necessary, in accordance with Article 53 of the Law for the Protection of Cultural Properties.
The CPCP also supports museums seeking to engage in storage environment research by supplying technical instruction, advice on implementation, and assistance in publicizing results.
Further, the CPCP holds workshops and seminars on storage environment management to train personnel engaged in the preservation of cultural properties. The CPCP is also actively accepting requests to lecture at outside organizations.