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The Important Cultural Property Robe (Kosode) with Autumn Flowers (commonly known as Korin Kimono) features an autumn flowers design by Ogata Korin. It has suffered considerable damage over its 300-year history and is now in need of restoration.
The Korin Kimono Restoration Project aims to mobilize everyone’s support to ensure this captivating, beautiful cultural property can be passed down to future generations.
Please donate if you support this goal. Donations begin at 1,000 yen.




How to donate


Payments can be made by credit card on Donation Portal Site.

*We accept the following cards


* Notes regarding credit card payments
①Credit cards can only be used by the person who owns the card.
②Payments in multiple installments are not possible.
③As a general rule, changes cannot be made and funds cannot by returned after a payment is made.
④The payment will be taken from the designated account on the date determined by your credit card company. Please consult the statement issued by your credit card company for details.
⑤ Please contact your credit card company if an error occurs after payment is made.


The names of all Korin Kimono Restoration Project donors will be listed on our website (unless they wish to remain anonymous).
Donors who donate over 10,000 yen will also receive other benefits, as shown below.


 Amount of Donation Thank-you Gift
¥150,000 or more
  • Lacquered goods set by Murose Kazumi
  • Name listing on the book which will be stored in perpetuity with the work
  • Invitation to the unveiling ceremony after the restoration work is completed
  • 5 tickets to regular exhibitions
  • Name listing
From ¥30,000 to ¥149,000
  • Furoshiki featuring the donor’s name
  • 4 tickets to regular exhibitions
  • Name listing
From ¥10,000 to ¥29,000
  • Maki-e sticker
  • 2 tickets to regular exhibitions
  • Name listing
All donors
  • Name listing

* Limited to addresses within Japan.
* To be delivered by post (with postage costs covered by the CPCP).
* Furoshiki will be dispatched when ready, probably around 60 days after the payment is confirmed.
* The lacquered goods set (chopstick and chopstick holder with an original Korin Kimono design supervised by Living National Treasure Murose Kazumi) will be dispatched around springtime 2021. Applicants will be sent an exchange ticket upon confirmation of the donation.
* A book containing the donor’s name will also be stored in perpetuity with the work, with the donor also receiving two invitations to a specially-planned unveiling ceremony to be held after the restoration work is completed.
* The aforementioned tickets and goods cannot be resold, used for sales promotion without the CPCP’s permission, or used in other ways that are deemed similar to the above. The application will be invalidated and the donation will be returned if one of the aforementioned actions is found to have occurred.
* The benefit packages above may be subject to change if we run out of limited-edition gifts, for example. Thank you for your understanding.

Lacquered goods set by Murose Kazumi


This project involves the restoration of Ogata Kōrin’s Kōrin Kimono. The project is being crowdfunded and I have prepared some chopstick holders as a thank-you gift. The holders feature a maki-e design of the ‘Kōrin swirls,’ the central wave-like design in Red and White Plum Blossoms, one of Kōrin’s masterpieces. The holders come with a pair of wooden chopsticks. These symbolize a bridge with water flowing beneath.
Kazumi Murose (Living National Treasure (maki-e))



Furoshiki featuring the donor’s name


I was allowed to help out with the Kōrin Kimono reproduction project. I was entrusted with the dye work for the project’s small furoshiki wrapping cloths. I tried to ensure the atmosphere and exquisite design of Ogata Kōrin’s kimono remained intact. I paid particular attention to the colors of the balloon flowers during the dyeing process as I strove to bring this important piece of Japanese history to life in these furoshiki cloths.
Sugishita Eizi (dyer; Sugishita Ltd)



Maki-e sticker


As a manufacturer of the gold powder used in the maki-e process, our company developed ‘transfer gold maki-e’ during the Edo period to communicate the charms of maki-e to more people.
Kōrin also worked with maki-e, so it was a joy to work on this project while imagining how the autumn flowers design would appear in maki-e.
It would give me great pleasure if people transferred this original Kōrin design onto their mobile phones, hand mirrors or other treasured items.
Watanabe Yukiko (G&S Co., Ltd.)