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Exhibitions and Events

A GLIDE ON THE GREAT WAVE: Experience Japanese Culture at TNM

Glide on the waves of Japanese culture and history,
and experience cultural images beyond words.

Highlights of the Program

Your journey of discovering the wonders of Japanese culture begins while you are gliding through the world of Katsushika Hokusai's Under the Wave off Kanagawa as if you are on a rollercoaster.

A variety of cultural treasures that appear one after another like waves form a lineup of masterpieces representative of the TNM Collection, including National Treasures!

At first, one may think that the present-day metropolis of Tokyo and the former streets of Edo, as depicted in ukiyo-e, look like two completely different worlds.

However, no matter how the times and townscapes change, the lives of people who enjoy the beautiful nature of the four seasons and traditional events, as well as uniquely Japanese aesthetics nurtured in nature and through those events, have carried on unchanged to this day

With this 10-minute program, Tokyo National Museum, a "gateway to Japanese culture," invites you on an eternal journey to explore the wonders of Japan.