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Viewing Maple Leaves


Title Viewing Maple Leaves
Quantity 1 six-fold screen
Date 2020
Production Canon Inc.

Original Work

Designation National treasure
Artist/Excavation Site By Kano Hideyori
Collection Tokyo National Museum
Medium Color on paper
Date Muromachi - Azuchi-Momoyama period, 16th century
Collection Ref. No. A-10470


This painting depicts people enjoying themselves while viewing the foliage beside Kiyotaki River in Takao, an area north of Kyoto famed for its beautiful autumn foliage. On the screens to your right, women with children relax by the river and view the autumn leaves while drinking sake or tea made by a tea vendor. Two men play flutes on the bridge in the center. A Buddhist priest and a young apprentice chat away as they prepare to cross the bridge. On the left, men sit in a circle and sing and dance as they enjoy a sake party. In the distance, from the clouds that float in the mid-section of the screen, the pagoda of Jingoji temple peeks out on the right. The gate and approach to Atago shrine appear through the clouds on the left. They are covered in snow, as if to announce the onset of winter. This painting vividly portrays the clothes, food, and forms of entertainment enjoyed by people of the time. We hope you enjoy these scenes of people merrymaking alongside the beautiful autumn foliage.