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Joint Project with Sharp Corporation to Develop Ways to Get the Most from Cultural Properties Using 8K Monitors

The National Center for the Promotion of Cultural Properties and Sharp Corporation are collaborating to develop new ways of appreciating cultural properties by using high-resolution 8K monitors. Beginning with works in the national museums under the National Institutes for Cultural Heritage, the collaborators are developing 8K digital contents to improve the accessibility of cultural properties.

Project Objectives

  • Increase public exposure and knowledge about cultural properties using 8K monitors
  • Develop new ways to appreciate cultural properties using 8K monitors and conduct proof-of-concept testing of those ideas
 About 8K Monitors

Cultural Properties in 8K: An Investigation with Mihotoke (Trial Workshop, Tokyo National Museum, 2021)

The resolution of 8K ultra-high definition is 16 times higher than today’s digital broadcasts in Full HD. Even under close examination, individual pixels are invisible to the naked eye. The images on the screen feel as if they were real scenes, unfolding in front of the viewer’s very eyes.