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What is the National Center for the Promotion of Cultural Properties?

The National Center for the Promotion of Cultural Properties was established under the National Institutes for Cultural Heritage in July 2018 to allow for a greater number of people to better recognize and appreciate Japan’s cultural works, both in Japan and abroad. The organization’s official abbreviation is the “CPCP.” See the Mission and Vision section for more information.

Mission and Vision
Can I request an appraisal of a work of art or other item?

The CPCP does not engage in appraisal or purchase of materials and works owned by private individuals.

What do I need to do in order to publish images from e-Museum and ColBase in a magazine or on a website?

Please see e-Museum’s Terms of Use and ColBase’s Terms of Use pages. For information on the procedures necessary to make use of the high-resolution images posted on these sites, please contact the relevant facility or institution of ownership.