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About the CPCP

The National Center for the Promotion of Cultural Properties (CPCP) was established in July 2018 under the National Institutes for Cultural Heritage. The CPCP’s mission is to share the wonder of Japan’s cultural treasures with the widest audience possible. The CPCP is divided into four sections that handle its main functions: planning, loan promotion, conservation, and digital resources.

Content Development and Trial Projects

The Planning Section proposes trial projects and content to increase public awareness and interest in cultural properties. The Planning Section explores new ways of deriving value from cultural properties other than simply displaying the original artifacts. The Section promotes special projects that use reproductions created with modern technologies like virtual reality, augmented reality, and 8K resolution video. I believe these efforts will result in more engaging and enjoyable experiences for people, even those who are not familiar with Japan’s cultural artifacts.

Promotion of Loaning Museum Collections

The Loan Promotion Section encourages other museums to exhibit the cultural properties in the collections of Japan’s national museums. In the past, the National Institutes for Cultural Heritage loaned many items from the national museums’ collections, but these efforts will be taken one step further as the CPCP will now bear shipping and insurance costs for items loaned.

Consultations on Preserving Cultural Properties

The Conservation Section handles inquiries from museums in Japan and abroad regarding storage environments for cultural properties. Currently, very few museums are able to employ curators who are experts in preserving cultural property. The Conservation Section helps other museums improve their storage environments and exhibition spaces for cultural properties. The Conservation Section also holds workshops and seminars to provide more information about storage environments to give other museums a reliable resource for conservation-related issues.

Improvement of Digital Resources and Databases

The Digital Resources Section is charged with comprehensive management of all the databases and digital media held in the collections of the National Institutes for Cultural Heritage along with improving the user-friendliness of these resources. The Section is also charged with providing advice and handling inquiries from museums seeking to make use of these digital resources.

Protecting Cultural Properties as a Society

Through these activities, the CPCP aims to ensure that cultural properties will be passed down for millennia to come. This ambitious goal cannot be achieved through the CPCP’s activities alone. We need the support of museum staff and volunteers, cultural property and societal organizations, private corporations, and you.
We at the CPCP are excited to share our passion for Japan’s cultural treasures with the broader global community and offer a wider range of options for engaging with cultural works to encourage society as a whole to preserve, protect, and pass them on to future generations.

ASAHI Mitsuru
Director General
National Center for the Promotion of Cultural Properties

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