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Information on Cultural Properties

The development and use of digital media is a crucial activity for effectively managing cultural properties. Excessive handling of the original versions of cultural properties can result in irreparable damage. Digital versions are advantageous as they allow for unrestricted study of the wealth of information that can be gleaned from cultural properties while also providing a user-friendly format for learning about the importance of these objects in Japanese society.

The National Center for the Promotion of Cultural Properties (CPCP) is consolidating the digital resources and databases regarding cultural properties and materials previously individually managed by each institution under the National Institutes for Cultural Heritage. The CPCP also handles consultations with local governments and museums seeking to make the most of digital resources by providing experience-based advice on technical challenges and appropriate project directions.

A list of international resources for learning more about cultural properties.
A list of sites maintained by museums affiliated with the National Institutes for Cultural Heritage. These sites include searchable databases of the museums’ collections, images, documents, and archaeological sites.