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Use of Reproductions and Digital Contents

In collaboration with private and public partners, the National Center for the Promotion of Cultural Properties uses advanced technologies such as high-resolution images and virtual reality tools to create reproductions and reformatted versions of Japanese masterpieces.
Many of Japan’s cultural works are made of paper, wood, and other fragile materials that deteriorate over time and are subject to restricted exhibition durations and methods. These valuable pieces of cultural history must be preserved for future generations and restrictions often prevent venues from displaying the pieces for an extended period of time or allowing viewers to examine them closely.

The CPCP holds exhibitions and events using reproductions to provide a more flexible viewing experience and to encourage deeper interest in Japan’s cultural properties. These reproductions can also be loaned to outside parties.
The CPCP conducts educational programs at schools and museums to promote deeper knowledge of cultural works among students. The CPCP Outreach Program, launched in 2019, is a touring cultural property exhibition. The program uses detailed reproductions to allow students to intimately experience famous masterpieces in their very own classrooms.
The CPCP is able to loan reproductions to private corporations and other third parties to encourage wider knowledge about these works. CPCP’s reproductions can be used as atmosphere pieces for public and private events, or as artistic additions to ceremonies and photo shoots.

Currently, only organizations located in Japan are eligible to participate in CPCP's loaning and lending programs.

  • Information about the CPCP’s reproductions and the original cultural properties they are based on.