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Autumn Grasses


Title Autumn Grasses
Quantity A pair of six-fold screens
Date 2019
Size 158.5×362.6 each
Production "Tsuzuri Project" (Official Title: Cultural Heritage Inheritance Project)

Original Work

Designation Important Cultural Property
Artist/Excavation Site By Tawaraya Sōsetsu (dates unknown)
Collection Tokyo National Museum
Medium Color and gold leaf on paper
Date Edo period, 17th century
Collection Ref. No. A-11190(複A-11190-1)


This is a pair of folding screens. It features gentle, overlapping, gold slopes tinged with translucent, light-green hues. Plants like pampas grass, chrysanthemums, bush clovers, sunset hibiscuses, Confederate roses and yellow patrinias bloom thickly across the slopes. The types of plants suggest the screens are depicting summer through to autumn. The painter has predominantly used white, green and yellow tones to lend a refreshing sense of uniformity to the depictions of various flora. The chrysanthemums on the left and right edges are rendered using thick layers of gofun, a white pigment made from mollusc shells. They are more-or-less the same size, so the picture still matches up even when the screen order is reversed. We hope you enjoy the feeling of walking through an endless field of flowers and plants beneath a clear autumn sky.